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Factors to Consider When Looking for a Moving Company

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Moving can be a very tedious and tiresome job, especially for those who have a lot of things that needs to be moved. Packing and wrapping up all of your belongings, renting a good truck, loading your things into the vehicle, driving to your new apartment, and unloading each and everything… All this is very time-consuming and tiresome. As a result, most people prefer hiring a mover to do all of it. 

Unfortunately, though hiring a local moving company can actually save you a lot of stress and time, hiring the wrong moving firm can actually add to it. So to protect your belongings as well as yourself, you have to know how to choose the best moving company.

In this article, we have rounded up a few things that you need to consider when looking for the best moving company in your city. 

1) The number of things you want the moving company to move?

There is a saying that says that you can actually hire somebody to do almost anything for you – but for a price. This is true when it comes to moving. Many people opt for packing up all their belongings themselves, and then hire a moving company to load the truck and transport everything to their new places. Some people, especially if they’re moving across the country, choose to hire a truck and then hire a moving company to pack everything up and load the truck, then drive the truck themselves. Others also choose to hire a mover to do absolutely everything, from packing their things to unloading everything into the proper room in their new house.

2) How much is your budget for the move?

Everything that you possess will, of course, added your bill by the mover. If your budget is tight, you might need to balance convenience and quality against cost. This will mean that that you may have to do some of the job yourself, and hire a moving company to do the most difficult parts of the job – usually loading the truck and driving it. Make sure you compare prices of at least three moving companies, and then decide which will best fit your budget.

3) How far away will you be moving?

Long distance moves usually affect two things when picking a moving company: these are the total cost of the entire moving process and the movers you have to pick from. Some local moving companies might not be able to move you across country or state lines. Also, for a long-distance move, you’ll want to find a moving company early enough to ensure that they will be available.

4) Will the moving company ensure your things against loss or damage?

You have a lot of money invested in your house belongings. Think how much it would take to replace all or some of it in the event something happens during the moving process. Would you be able to?

Many local and long-distance moving companies will only compensate a fraction of your belongings’ value in case something happens to them during the move. So ask the company how m uch they usually pay for damaged or lost belongings, and make sure that they give you a written copy of this policy. If the policy of the company does not provide sufficient coverage as you’d want, you may want to find additional insurance or another company.

5) What kind of reputation does the company have?

We all have heard the horror stories of things ending up broken or missing after the moving company has unloaded the truck and left. Just as you want your things protected from damage, you need also to know whether the company has a bad reputation for stealing or even breaking things.

One good way to research a mover’s reputation is to search for their company name online. Check for both complaints as well as follow-ups, since how the firm handled the complaint is as imperative as the complaint itself.You also need to check if the moving company is a BBB member. Even though the BBB tries to mediate customers’ complaints even if the mover isn’t a member, there’s less incentive for a company that is not a member to work toward a proper resolution.

The period of time the moving company has been in business is as well a good indicator of reputation. Moving companies with a bad reputation generally do not stay in business for long, so a moving company that has been in business for a long time is certainly a much better option than one that was formed recently

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