My name is Lloyd McMurtry and I’m the owner and personal writer of Dakota Skabin, a blog about everything in home improvement and how to upgrade your household appearance in a simple fashion. Since I remember, I’ve always loved to decorate my place with the most unique looks and using the best methods out there.

One day, I realized that my passion for home improvement and my ability to write could make the difference for someone else, so I started with this incredible blog from the scratch as a hobby or something to do.

After some time down the line, this blog became something else for me, as I started to get more and more readers in a daily basis while understanding the Impact of this blog on them.

The way a house looks says a lot about what type of person you are, and I’ve always noticed that the way a house is decorated can impact in your life in many aspects.

So, living in a good looking and greatly organized house can change the way your life goes, and my experience in house improvement projects is enough to help you get a step further to your dream house. In Dakota Skabin, you’ll see a lot of projects and tips that would help you get your goal.